Viktor Stojanov

Android Engineer at Babbel

Talk Title

Comedy Talk – Better Android Development (BAD)






09:20 > 40 min


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Real Description:
Come along as we attempt to poke fun at the ridiculous world of Android App Development.

Real REAL Description:
We are two world-renowned Android self-certified experts with a combined experience of developing high quality, bug free Android Apps for over 40 years! If we include the low to mid quality apps, it’s well over 60 years!

If the overwhelming amount of libraries, architectures and tools confuse you and you don’t know where to start, then look no further than this FREE (for now) talk.

Forget Google!
Forget Stack Overflow!
Forget those pesky Medium articles! …

We will show you how to PROPERLY code an App, using the Better Android Development (BAD) approach that will make all of your Apps immunised against every known strain of bug & will ensure your wallets become truly BETTER ... and full ... (no guarantees!)

Ensure you sign the NDA before attending (link:, then strap yourselves for the ride of your life…

Speaker Bio

Love Design, Engineering and solving complex problems with elegant solutions.