Vitalii Markus

Android Engineer @ Flo Health Inc.

Talk Title

Tricky Backwards-Compatible Localization






11:45 > 40 min


on Twitter

In the main part, I want to speak about the new Android 13 feature "Per-app language preferences" which was introduced for all Android versions in AppCompat-1.6.0 this January.

I will explain how it works under the hood and what is wrong with how it was backported to Android 12 via AppCompat Library. I will show how AppCompat Library replaces resources, recreates the whole activity stack, syncs locales, etc.

Indeed, the experience is not the same for all Android versions, which we should keep in mind. I am eager to share my experience and suggest my solution for discussion and how I was able to unify it.

To spice it up, I have my story of ups and downs, which is quite entertaining and, at the same time, useful for the audience; how I broke the app for Indonesian users because of locales.

Speaker Bio

Hey, I’m Vitalii; I’m an Android Engineer at Flo Health Inc. We’re building “The #1 period and ovulation tracker worldwide” with over 230 million users. I’m working in the Medical Records team, and we’re responsible for providing our customers with the most relevant information about their health, symptoms, and patterns.
Living in Barcelona provides an excellent opportunity for an active lifestyle and many outdoor activities. I usually play tennis and beach volley with our IT community; sometimes, we hike in the beautiful places of Catalonia; in our free time, we enjoy local restaurants and craft breweries and discuss new trends in IT.
For the rest of the time, I usually spend my time with my family, my kid, and my 8-kilos cat.