Volodymyr Galandzij

Android Lead @ Snapp Mobile

Talk Title

War in Ukraine – How Can Devs Help?






11:20 > 00 min


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Technology is being used in many ways to help drive aid into Ukraine, to help fight Russian aggression and support refugees who need housing, medical help, employment and more. This panel will look at some of the current solutions and look at where we as a community can fill the gaps.
What are the most urgent needs and what can we do to help?
What apps would be useful to develop?
How can we support Ukrainian devs who have lost jobs and homes?
How can we drive fundraising and support for Ukraine within the apps that we are already developing?

Speaker Bio

After coding and herding little fat green robots for the last 10 years Volo has joined Snapp Mobile as an Android Lead. Outside of work he’s a passionate rail traveler.