Yonatan (Yoni) Levin

R&D Tech Lead

Talk Title

BFF – Best Friend for Frontend






11:50 > 40 min


on Twitter

BFF, which stands for Backend for Frontend, has become a key enabler for us at monday.com to introduce new features and ensure the stability of our mobile apps despite changes in the backend. This is why we call it Best Friend for Frontend 🙂

During this talk, Yoni will share his experience of how BFF has proven to be an effective tool for Android app development. He will discuss the benefits of BFF, what kind of functionalities can be built using it, how to address API contracts, caching, and versioning mechanisms. Yoni will also showcase the architecture that we have chosen for BFF, explain the reasons behind our decision, and provide examples of both Android and Backend code.

BFF can be a game-changer for Android app development so don't miss this talk 🙂

This talk is going to touch architecture of modern mobile app, networking & overall system architecture

Speaker Bio

Android developer from almost the first days of Framework. Android Google Developer Expert.
Vast experience in building mobile products in scale – from ride-sharing app Gett to leading Mobile team in monday.com – fast hyper-growing startup.
Founder of Android Academy, non-profit largest community of Android developers across 4 countries
Spoke in various Droidcons and DevFests.

medium: https://medium.com/@yonatanvlevin
previous talks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FzmDFscF41o