Zsolt Kocsi

Principal Android engineer at Bumble

Talk Title

Gesture-driven, multiplatform transitions with Appyx






11:50 > 40 min


on Twitter

In 2022 we introduced Appyx: an open source library that allows you to create beautiful, composable, model-driven navigation for Jetpack Compose.

With Appyx 2.0 we’re advancing the library on several points. We’re not only making it Compose Multiplatform, we're are also splitting it into two major parts: navigation + a gesture-driven component kit.

You can use all of its power for gesture-driven navigation, or you can opt to use the component kit in standalone mode to create astonishing components for your apps.

Key points we’ll cover:
* Providing the wow factor to UX with a high-level API
* Driving complex transitions with gestures easily
* Creating a variety of things with ease: from UI components to classic elements of navigation to games
* Multiplatform use-cases from iOS to desktop to web

We’ll see how you can utilise all of this with only a minimal understanding of animations, minimal code, and lots of fun!

Speaker Bio

Passionate about people, product, and tech alike. I never cease to be amazed by engineering ingenuity and new paradigms.