Alejandra Stamato

Tech Lead, HubSpot

Talk Title

Effective App Monitoring in Production






10:25 > 40 min


on Twitter

Your feature is complete and ready to be shipped to production. Now you can forget about it completely and move onto the next thing, right? Actually the fun begins when your feature reaches your users. Do they use it? And do they use it as you expected? What kind of issues are they experiencing?
In this session, we’ll discuss how to monitor Android apps in production to ensure they stand resilient and ready for the challenges of the real world.
You’ll learn how to design and report relevant events that matter to you and your team. Also, how to define KPIs (key performance indicators), processes and strategies for keeping a vigilant eye on user interactions, errors and app performance, by using tools like New Relic and Firebase.
You’ll see from real world examples how to track, detect and address production issues before they escalate.
Level up your app observability, delight your users and deliver with confidence with these tips.

Speaker Bio

Alejandra is an Android software engineer and TL at HubSpot. Formerly Android Developer Relations Engineer at Google for Jetpack Compose (2021-2023). She’s worked for multiple apps in the past, gathering a tenure of ~10 years in the industry.