Andreas Rehberg


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Open Source Community Building and Maintainance






14:30 > 40 min


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Open source software is built by open communities of passionate developers who collaborate across organizations and geographies to deliver value to the community.
At least that is the romantic version of how a FOSS community works. In reality, however, creating and maintaining an active, engaged FOSS community requires much more than just writing code.

Maintaining our projects and the communities around them for years wasn't a given, and so we've had our share of slips, but by keeping the people in focus we've learned a lot that we'd like to share with the larger community of Android developers.
This session will go through community building in FOSS, starting from "scratching your own itch", touching on "community governance design" and landing by using HCD (Human Centered Design) to drive FOSS development.
Not only will lessons, strategies and best practices for building vibrant, healthy FOSS projects be a topic, but we also want to engage with you on ethics topics.

Whether you are just starting a new open source project or looking to fork an abandoned one, this session will provide practical insights into cultivating an inclusive, diverse FOSS community. Here are some of the takeaways attendees can expect:
- Understand how and by whom a project's values, culture, and community are defined.
- Understanding the various alternative community governance models.
- Participation, laisser-faire, and valuing non-code contributions for an engaged, committed community
- Lack of inclusivity as a (geo)political and societal issue in FOSS.

Let's learn from each other and connect with others who are passionate about the Android open source community.

Speaker Bio

Creator of IzzyOnDroid, 6+ years maintainer at Involved with the FOSS community for 25+ years.