Anton Dudakov

Ziina – Staff Software Engineer

Talk Title

Coroutine Puzzlers






13:35 > 40 min


on Twitter

We will show code with coroutines and ask what should happen in it, and listeners will choose their answers. After that, we'll run the live code and evaluate what actually happened. Then there will be a parsing of why things are the way they are. Whoever gets the most answers right wins.

There will be examples with synchronization and competitive work, abolition of coroutines and non-obviousness of Kotlin Flow.

Speaker Bio

Currently, I’m working in Ziina as a software engineer, mostly Mobile/Android, but from time to time I’m doing things for iOS, Backend and Web (that’s the nature of startup).
Before Ziina I worked in Sberbank(Devices department), leading a system-level Development.
Before Sberbank I worked in Yandex, leading the development of Yandex Auto, where we made firmware for a car HeadUnits.
I’m one of the co-hosts of the AndroidDevPodcast (a Russian podcast about Android development).

I also make speeches from time to time, made a number of them at Russian conferences (Mobius, DevFest Syberia, Mosdroid), and organised two meetups in Dubai, where I live last two years.

I’m interested in how systems work internally, and in productivity and I love to make speeches about that.