Antoni Castejón García

Senior Android Engineer in N26

Talk Title

Improve the build times of your project is not impossible. How we achieved it in N26.






11:55 > 40 min


on Twitter

I want to present to the community the implementations N26 platform team applied to reduce the build time of the android project a 70%.

The talk covers how to keep the gradle dependency graph in a good status and how to use the Anvil plugin from square for dependency injection. A part from that, it shows how the N26 platform team worked during the initiative and some tips to improve the productivity of the engineers with a multi-module project.

Learning points:
- Understand how gradle build works in a multi module project (parallelization, increamental builds and caching)
- How to keep the gradle dependency graph of an Android project in a good status
- How to deliver successfully big initiatives with following an iterative process
- The importance of doing discovery, applying continuous monitoring and a good documentation.

Tags: Gradle / Dependency Injection / Performance

Speaker Bio

Senior Android Engineer in N26 Android platform team with more than 10 years of Android Development experience. I jumped to Android from j2me game development with a HTC Magic and Android 1.6 Donut, good old days.